Workshops at Fibrefest

Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Pattern Making

2 day class. Tuesday, Wednesday, September 3 and 4, 10-5 both days

This class is suitable for : INTERMEDIATE SEWERS

$100 plus $60 supply fee

Maker’s Lodge http://makerslodge

Draft your personalized bodice sloper and sew a muslin to perfect the fit. This block will then be the basis for creating your bodice fashion patterns. Pattern Making provides the tools needed to bring your designs to life and with a proper fit.

Sandy Goldsmith

Teacher will provide:

pattern paper, measurement sheet, designer’s neckline curve, L-square, tracing wheel, notcher, push pin, cardboard, fabric, thread, sewing machine, written instructions, coffeestudents should bring

students must bring: transparent sewing rulers (18″, 24″), French curve, mechanical pencil, eraser, paper and fabric scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine (if prefer), straight pins, seam ripper, mug, lunch

Wednesday September 4

Felted Handbag on a Ball


This class is suitable for BEGINNERS

$95 plus $30 supply fee payable at the class

Almonte Community Centre Arena

We will teach you everything you need to know, to create a “one of a kind” felted hand bag, using an innovative 3D wet felting technique. We will be using various kinds of wool and some embellishing fibres. We welcome first time felters but please take note that this is going to be a fairly rigorous full day workshop with a short 20 min break for lunch. Options for added accessories will be presented such as straps & fasteners. These are not included in the course.

Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly

Teacher will provide:

felting ball, wool, nylons, tubs and a variety of fibres for design enhancement If participants decide felting 3-D objects is something they might want to pursue, felting balls will be available for purchase.

Students must bring:

3 to four towels + hand towel These should be older towels.

Art Journals to Enhance Creativity. Anne Warburton

10:00am – 1:00pm

This class is suitable for: Absolute Beginner, Beginners, Intermediate

$50 plus $10 supply fee

Almonte Community Centre Arena

Discover a new path of creative exploration by learning to make an art journal. We will start with fabric to cover an old book or store-bought journal, then begin to embellish pages with fabric, paper and snippets of your choosing, adding paint, markers or pencils, and other embellishments. Journal prompts will be provided so we can include some handwritten thoughts. You will go home with a beautiful journal you can add to over the weeks and months. Discover the benefits of journals and journaling and how it can help develop our creativity.

Anne Warburton

Teacher will provide: Glues and gel mediums Other painting mediums, brushes Embellishments and paraphernalia, papers and fabrics Cutting boards, box cutters, rulers Irons and ironing boards Journal prompts, pens, markers

Students must bring: Either an old book (hardcover) that we will turn into a journal, or a store-bought small to medium sized sketch book Items to embellish a journal (pictures, old tickets, travel paraphernalia, ribbons, yarn, lace, scrapbook papers, old letters, etc.) A piece of fabric the size of the journal 2″ bigger all around (front, back and sides) and needle and thread if desired Any art medium you may have (coloured pencils, watercolours, markets, pens, brushes) A wate

Thursday September 5, 2024

Heron with Bulrushes garden statue

10:00am – 5:00pm

This class is suitable for: BEGINNERS

$70 plus $100 supply fee

Almonte Community Centre Arena

Embark on a full-day creative journey with Tiny’s Studio! In this immersive workshop, discover the art of “sculpting”with tin foil and fabric as you craft a 2-3 foot tall garden statue featuring a heron and bulrushes. Waterproof the form and artfully drape with a T-shirt to create wings,all under Deborah’s expert guidance. This hands-on experience promises to be both enriching and rewarding as you bring your unique sculpture to life in a single, inspiring session

Tiny’s Studio

Teacher will provide:

Frames on concrete base (rebar, styrofoam, copper wire), Paverpol(hardener) Paverplast, hockey tape, paint, paint brushes, turntable, containers for mixing, pliers, stir sticks, skewers, pins, eyes, plastic, tarps, vinyl gloves

students must bring:

Two extra large white tshirts, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, roll of heavy tin foil (Alcan), hair dryer

Nuno Felt a Luscious Silk Scarf

1:00pm – 5:00pm

This class is suitable for: Newbies, Beginners, Intermediate, Veteran

$60 plus supply fee of $80

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

In this class we will create a gorgeous silk and fibre scarf using the technique called Nuno felting. Fibre is laid on the silk and felted in and through the silk to create fabulous texture and patterns

Wendo Van Essen

Teacher will provide: silk chiffon scarves in various colours, merino and other fine fibres, trays, water, soap, towels, coffee

students must bring: small pair of scissors, apron, mug, lunch. Wear clothing that might get a bit wet and gloves if you are sensitive to soap

Friday, September 6, 2024

This is Groot

10:00am – 2:00pm

This class is suitable for: Newbies

$30 plus $45 supply fee

Almonte Community Centre Arena

In this lively workshop with Tiny’s Studio, you’ll craft enchanting GROOT or Green Man sculptures using branches, T-shirts, and Paverpol. Unleash your creativity as Deborah guides you throught the process, infusing hunor into the expressions and ensuring those long, impressive arms capture the essence of nature’s whimsy

Tiny’s Studio

Teacher will provide: T-shirt strips, eyes, wire, Paverpol, Paverplast, containers for mixing, stir sticks, skewers, scissors, wire cutters, vinyl gloves, paint, plastic to lay item in your car.

Students must bring: 2-3 foot long branch about 1-11/2 inch in diameter with some character (bends, knots etc) roll of tin foil

Felted Artwork

1:00 – 5:00pm

This class is suitable for: Newbies, Beginners, Intermediate

$75 plus $20 supply fee

Almonte Community Centre Arena

Using dyed wool and other natural fibres and the ancient process of wet feltmaking, you will create a beautiful piece of art. After arranging dyed fibres to create your image, you will protect the composition with a piece of sheer fabric while you wet the fibres and then massage them – causing them to mat together to form a piece of felted fabric.

Maggie Glossop

Teacher will provide: A handout explaining the history and process of feltmaking. All fibres needed for your project as well as all other materials and equipment required for you to to create a piece of art

Students must bring: There are no ‘musts’ but you can bring: a photo or picture to use as inspiration for your art piece, a couple of old hand towels, scissors, a bag to take your still damp project home in, Optional would be hand cards ( or dog brushes) if you have them, also felting needles if you have them. Tub (yogurt or margarine container for example)

Saturday September 7, 2024

Basketry Plain and Simple

1:00 – 5:00pm

This class is suitable for: Newbies, Beginners, Intermediates

$90 plus $30 supply fee

Almonte Community Centre Arena

In this workshop participants will learn the basics of basketry. An overview of basketry materials and how to prepare materials for making baskets will be presented. Participants will learn at two basketry techniques and will complete baskets to take home with them.

Michael Peterson

Teachers will provide:

Everything necessary to make baskets – Basketry materials, items to prepare the materials, secateurs, etc

Students must bring:

Creativity and Enthusiasm

Sunday, September 8, 2024

Punch A Plaid with Oxford Punch Needle

10:00am – 1:00pm

This class is suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate

$68 plus -$45 for Monks Cloth and Wool Yarn (if the student already has a hoop/frame and #10Regular Punch Needle) -$130 Monks Cloth, Wool yarn, 12″ Non-Slip Morgan hoop and #9 Regular Oxford Punch Needle -No Fee: If students bring all their own supplies including Monks Cloth and Rug Yarn in a variety of colours, punch needle and hoop/frame

In this workshop we will review the basics of using Oxford Punch Needle as well learn a fun technique to create an original plaid design using a #8 or #9 regular Oxford Punch Needle. The pattern will be for a 8×8 square which can be used as a trivet, a patch one a tote bag or decorative pillow. This class is a great refresher for punch needle, a keen beginner or an intermediate/advanced puncher who wants to learn a new technique. There are 3 options for supplies. Students are welcome to bring their own monks cloth, wool rug yarn, # 8 or 9 Regular Oxford Punch Needle and frame or hoop. Or students can select from one of two kits depending on what, if anything, they already have.

Robin Whitford

Almonte Community Centre Arena

Teacher will provide: I will bring kits as selected by students.

Students must bring: Small scissors, snack/water, and depending on the kit their chose the supplies mentioned.