Warped: A unique view of industrial textile machinery

Trevor Johnston, Eye Meets World Photography

This collection of pictures features artifacts and rooms at the textile museum, captured from the most intriguing perspectives. One suddenly sees looms and machinery in a multitude of component parts, almost as though they have been disassembled by a mischievous gremlin. The fragmented parts have become fascinating objects in themselves, and the pictures – so rich with colour and texture – draw the viewer in with their abstract complexity.

About Trevor Johnston

I’m a storyteller. I tell stories in pixels and microdots of ink, stories captured in mere fractions of a second that stay with you for days, weeks and years. Some people paint, some write, some sculpt. I photograph. Through my viewfinder, I observe and capture moments in time that matter to me and hopefully to you.

Since childhood, I’ve been enamored with photography, first as a young hobbyist, then as a serious amateur and in recent years as a professional photographer. More often than not I’m telling photographic stories of the natural world and connections to it, both animal and human. Like all photographers – and moths – I’m drawn to the light, and it’s rare that I’ll pass up a chance to photograph any magically-lit subject.

My 2017 move with my wife (and magic light spotter extraordinaire), Kathy, to the picturesque Ottawa Valley town of Almonte has opened new photographic doors and opportunities. Behind those open doors have been open arms and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into a wonderfully creative community that has so warmly embraced and supported my photography.

When I’m not capturing or editing photos, I continue to work as a freelance digital illustrator and graphic artist (TrevorJohnston.com), a career that’s spanned three decades working for major publications including: Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated, Consumer Reports, Newsweek, Globe and Mail and dozens more.

It’s an image conscious existence. 😉


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