Perth Mills


Perth Mills

Haggart Carding Mill (1835)
  • Located on the Little Tay River.
  • John Haggart built a carding mill in 1835. His sawmill, flour mill and oatmeal mill were on the main Tay River and the carding mill was on the adjacent Little Tay River below the dam.
  • It was possibly operated by Richard Code from 1851 – 1862.
  • It appears to have been operated as a carding mill by Thomas Henry Ayers and Felix Hamelin from 1868 to 1869 and then as a custom carding and woolen mill by Thomas Jamieson from 1870 – 1871 and then by David Holliday from 1871 – 1874.
Code’s Mill (1842)
  • Located on the corner off Herriot and Wilson Sts. Also known as “Tay Knitting Mills”.
  • Thomas Albert Code, proprietor of the Tay Knitting Mills, established this mill in 1876 and it was still running in 1911.
  • Thomas Code was also president of the Perth Woolen Company Ltd, located on Riverside Dr, which was incorporated in 1898. It was manufacturing felt by 1901 and still running in 1911.

Other textile companies on Riverside Dr included:

  • Peter Campbell and Robert Walker operated a dye works from 1875 – 1899.
  • Ann Templeton operated a knitting works from 1888 – 1899.
Perth Carpet Factory/Tayside Textiles (1911)

Beginning as the Perth Carpet Company, in 1911, on Riverside Road (now the tow path) at Sherbrooke Street, and best known as Tayside Textiles, the factory operated under several companies over the years, including Boyd Caldwell Co., Taybank Woolen Mills, Perth Woolen Mills, and, finally in 1977, Collie Mills. A fire in 1985 closed the business, and the building was demolished in 1986 or 1987. Only some of the foundation – and 100 year old maple trees on the tow path – remain of this once major complex.

Esmond Blankets
North St, Perth.

Haggart Carding Mill, Perth

Image credit: Perth Remembered

Code’s Mill (Code’s Felt building), Perth


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