Grouped threads in pinks, oranges, and purples on a loom

Grist for the Mill: Select Poems and Images

A selection of poems paired with photography inspired by the Mississippi Valley’s industrial history and landscape.

Susan Macaulay is an Almonte-based writer, author and poet. In the spring of 2018, Susan was moved by a painting by artist Eileen Hennemann, to write grist for the mill, the title poem of this virtual exhibit.

Since then, Susan has produced numerous ekphrastic poems inspired by the images of local photographers. An ekphrastic poem is one in which the poet engages with visual art, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and, as in this case, photography.

In keeping with the Museum’s mission, the pairings of poems and images in this exhibit reflect the history of the woollen textile industry in the Mississippi River Valley, and the effects it had on the social, cultural and industrial development of the region.

Contributing photographers

Many thanks to our talented contributing photographers, both professionals and keen amateurs:

Genevieve Vivian is an Almonte-based photographer. See more of her work here.

Trevor Johnston is an Almonte-based photographer, digital illustrator and graphic artist. His photography may be found here.

Paul Latour is an Almonte-based photographer.

Victoria Miller is an Almonte-based photographer.