Glen Tay


Glen Tay

Adams Mill

Was a complex including a woolen mill located on E 1/2 Lot 20 Conc 2, Bathhurst Township on the Tay River.

The Glen Tay Mill, also known as Adams Mill, was built by Abraham Parsall in 1816. The mill, located on lot 20 of the 2nd concession of Bathurst, was purchased by Colonel Joshua Adams in 1820 following the death of Parsall. The Glen Tay mill complex would eventually include a saw mill, oatmeal mill, grist mill, tannery shop, woolen mill, wagon shop and blacksmith. Henry Moorehouse owned the mills in 1863; however, this was not the last time they would be in his possession.

Adams Mill was bought by John Hargrave in 1865, who partnered at various times in the woolen mill with Ralph Dodds and William Robinson. Unfortunately, disaster struck the complex only a few short years later. A fire tore through the buildings, beginning in the woolen mill and destroying other parts of the complex as well in 1870.
The mill complex was rebuilt and Henry Moorehouse would once again own it in 1872. He ran the woolen mill with Ralph Dodds and sold off or leased the other mills. By 1882, all but the woolen mill had been closed.

Beginning in the late 1800’s, the mill became a hydroelectric plant which would be purchased by Perth Electric and Water Power Co. in 1897 to produce power for the town until 1918. The dam gave way in 1926, destroying the Glen Tay Bridge and flooding parts of Perth. The mill fell into disrepair; however, it was restored by the Drennan family and is now used a private residence. The mill can be viewed from the pocket park in Glen Tay while sitting at the public picnic table.

Image credit: Photo credit: Tay Valley Township


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