Material World on the Mississippi

Wool Hall Gallery, 2nd Floor

Opening February/ March 2022

By the turn of the 19th century, there were 10 woolen mills in Almonte, which employed upwards of 120 people, with the Rosamond Woolen Company Mill employing just over 400.  Approximately 1,600 of the 3,000 residents of Almonte worked in a textile mill. This exhibition will illustrate this rich history and the manufacturing process, with new interactive and hands-free videos where visitors will see and hear first-hand accounts of the industry from former textile mill workers from the region.

Worker’s Walk and Staircase

Ottawa Valley Rail Trail, Mississippi Mills 

The Workers’ Walk is a scenic path that starts at Union Street, walking down Bank Street/Workers’ Sidewalk, crossing the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail to the top of the recreated Workers’ Stairs. Take the stairs following the Mississippi River Power Corporation earthen dam to the bridge. Cross the bridge follow Carleton Street to Rosamond Street ending at the entrance to the Rosamond Woolen Company now the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

The Coleman’s Island Trail is a scenic path that follows the Mississippi River from Wellington Street. Follow Esplanade gravel path, crossing the bridge at the end of Carleton Street and the Mississippi River Power Corporation earthen dam to the recreated workers stairs. Cross the OVRT down Bank Street/ works sidewalk to Union Street.

The Textile Trail following the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail from the Almonte Public Library to Brookdale Street. With amazing water and town views, learn about our industrial textile history.




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Year-Long Hours

The Museum is open from 1-4pm Tuesday thru Saturday. This includes the Permanent and Temporary Exhibits as well as the Gift Shop.