Dalhousie Township


Dalhousie Township

Currie Carding Mill
  • Lot 12, Conc 12 Dalhousie Township on Brownlee’s Creek.
  • Archibald Currie built a carding mill that was in operation in 1848. He attempted to sell it in 1851 and finally sold it in 1854. It is unclear if it operated thereafter.
Paul Carding Mill
  • Lot 11, Conc 12 Dalhousie Township on Brownlee’s Creek.
  • William Paul built and operated a carding mill from 1861 – 1871.
Nairn Carding Mill
  • Lot 18 Conc 2 Dalhousie Township.
  • Archibald Nairn operated a carding mill on this location in 1842.
Hawthorne Woolen Mill (1875)
  • 115 Emily St, NE 1/2, Lot 13, Conc 13, Beckwith Township.
  • Abraham Code operated a woolen mill from 1875 – 1878.
  • It sat idle from 1878 – 1880.
  • It was bought in 1880 by James Gillies of Carleton Place from its original owner Abraham Code at a reported price of $16,400.
  • It was then sold to William Wylie and William Fraser Latimer (subsequent firm name Hawthorne Woolen Mills) in 1881.
  • In 1889 it was sold to Hawthorne Woolen Company Limited which ran until 1899 when it was sold to Canada Woolen Mills Limited in 1900. In 1903 the Hawthorne (and Gillies) woolen mills – recently working on overtime hours with 192 employees, after six years of improvements under the ownership of Canada Woolen Mills Limited – were closed. The reason was stated to be loss of Canadian markets to British exporters of tweeds and worsteds. The company went into bankruptcy in 1904.
  • It was finally sold in 1907 to the Waterloo Knitting Company. In 1909 the Hawthorne knitting mill was closed by reason of financial difficulties, and its operating company was reorganized as the Carleton Knitting Co. Ltd’


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