Again this year Fibrefest will be accepting applications from instructors wishing to present textile-related workshops.

The main Fibrefest show is on September 8 and 9 2018. However, workshops will also be held on Thursday and Friday, September 6 and 7.

Please read the Info for Workshop Hosts section below, then use this form to apply for a place as a workshop instructor.


Info for Workshop Hosts

Thank you for your interest in FibreFest 2018! We hope that your experience hosting a workshop with us will be fun, rewarding both financially and artistically and one that you will wish to repeat.

Application Process

Applications will be considered in terms of how they relate to Fibre arts and textile art, and on a first-come first-served basis.

One application per session please.

If you wish to teach more than one workshop (for example, Beginner Rug Hooking as one session and Advanced Rug Finishing techniques as a second), then please fill out two separate forms. Also, if you want to hold two sessions of the same workshop at different times or days please fill out a separate form for each session.

Everything that you write on your application form to describe your workshop will be what we make visible to your prospective clients on our website. Make it upbeat, concise and clear… you understand everything about your craft but a beginner might not!

Durations and Locations

Fibrefest is running workshops on Thursday at the Museum as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday at both the Museum and the Arena.

This table shows the possible allocation of sessions over the four days in the three spaces:

Textile Museum Curling Club Lounge Arena Community Room
Thursday, Sept. 6 One 6-hour session
3-hour sessions,
AM and PM
Friday, Sept. 7 One 6-hour session
3-hour sessions,
AM and PM
3-hour sessions,
AM and PM
AM: 2-hour sessions;
PM: 4-hour sessions;
6-hour sessions
Saturday, Sept. 8 One 6-hour session
3-hour sessions,
AM and PM
NA AM: 2-hour sessions;
PM: 4-hour sessions;
6-hour sessions
Sunday, Sept. 9 One 6-hour session
3-hour sessions,
AM and PM
NA 2-hour session
12 noon -2

Textile Museum

Workspace upstairs will handle 8-10 tables of 8 feet with hallway space for supplies. Either one full day session 9-4 or two three hour sessions 9-12 and 1-4 with a break from 12-1

Workspace has electrical outlets and access to water. Small kitchen to store a brown bag lunch, make tea, coffee. BYOM please.

Almonte Arena

Arena Party room will be given over to children’s workshops only. These are free with paid admission to FibreFest and the parents must stay with the child throughout.


If you are a vendor and are interested in hosting a workshop on Thursday or Friday and would be interested in billeting please indicate your interest as FibreFest has a limited number of places where you could stay.

Student Fees, Supplies, etc.

The cost of your workshop will be determined by you. FibreFest is operating a 60/40% split this year. The online ticketing system will add a convenience fee.

On the day of the workshop MVTM will issue a cheque to you for the number of clients who are registered in your workshop.

The supply fee is paid directly to you by the client at the time of the workshop in whatever form you accept.

Please include details as to what the supplies are, the cost and how you want to be paid as this will appear on the website. Please also include what you expect the client to bring for themselves.

Maximum and minimum number of clients is fairly straightforward. Our tables are eight feet long each.

The facilities that you require would be things like proximity to water for felting or dyeing, electrical outlets for glue guns or sewing machines etc


There is no food available on any day at the museum so Hosts and clients need to brown bag it but there is a fridge.

The Arena will have food available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday. Friday Hosts and clients have to brown bag it but there is a fridge available and with an hour for lunch there are several eating places along Mill St. If you bring your own there is a kitchen where coffee, Tea my be made so BYOM.

Children’s Workshops Wanted

Last year we had a visiting artist run a blanket sewing event which was very popular; I am looking for volunteers to conduct simple textile crafts primarily for children ages 6-12.


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