We need your time and skills

VolunteerOur volunteers are our most important asset. Without them we would not be able to provide the range and depth of museum events and exhibits.

If you would like to join this dedicated group, drop by the museum or call our Curator:

Michael Rikley-Lancaster   
telephone: (613) 256-3754  or
e-mail: curator@mvtm.ca

We are always looking for volunteers to:

  1. Act as Museum hosts
  2. Serve in our Gift Shop
  3. Help Install displays and exhibits
  4. Help maintain the building
  5. Help with artifacts
  6. Help run educational programs
  7. Give guided tours
  8. Help out at special events
  9. Help with fundraising
  10. Do whatever else needs to be done!

Friends of the Museum

A special group of volunteers, known as the Friends of the Museum, focus their efforts on catering and raising money for special projects and events. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please contact:

Nancy Giardino    telephone: (613) 256-3754  or e-mail: friends@mvtm.ca


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