1. Applications will be considered by a review committee.  Only those meeting our criteria will be accepted.
  2. Applications must be received prior to August 1, 2018.
  3. Refunds will not be considered after August 7th 2018. For applications not accepted, payment will be returned.
  4. For new applicants only: provide a link to an online location showing examples of items you plan to display at Fibrefest.
  5. Booth rental is $150 and tables $10 each. All spaces will be equipped with electrical.
  6. Vendors will be notified after the committee has met. The decision of the committee is final.
  7. Vendors are to supply their own extension cords and power bars if electricity is required for their display.
  8. Vendors are to supply their own signage; we will supply booth numbers.
  9. Once their display is complete, vendors are to park their vehicles in Gemmill Park, which is adjacent to the parking lot, so that there is ample parking for customers. The park will be clearly signed.
  10. Please read the Fibrefest Show Standards below carefully before submitting your application. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Michael Rikley-Lancaster at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum at 613-256-3754 or via email at


Saturday, September 8, 2018 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, September 9, 2018 10 am to 4 pm Fibrefest 2018 is located at the Almonte Arena (ice slab, without the ice).

We want Fibrefest to be a successful and enjoyable experience for all participants. Please read the conditions outlined below carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Michael Rikley-Lancaster at 613-256-3754 x7 or email at

Show Hours

  • The doors open at 10:00 am. The sale runs until 5:00 pm on Saturday and 4:00 pm on Sunday. No takedown is permitted until 4:00 pm Sunday.


  • To maintain a high quality fibre art show all applications will be juried. Please submit your application with clear photos showing the type of items you wish to display at Fibrefest (first time applicants only!). The committee will meet in May after the closing date for submission, to consider the applications. Only items submitted to the committee for jury may be displayed at Fibrefest. Vendors will be asked to remove any items not approved by the Fibrefest Committee.
  • The Fibrefest Committee will endeavor to maintain a balance of media to make the show as interesting as possible to the general public. Therefore, a limited number of applications will be accepted (for a specific medium) in each area. The decision of the selection committee is final.

Exhibitor/ demonstrator Responsibilities

  • Exhibitors/ demonstrators must be present for the entire show (both days).
  • Each exhibitors/ demonstrators are asked to supply names for all staff members working in their booth. Passes must be shown to gain entrance to the show during show hours. All other entrants will be paying the general admission fee of $5.00 pre day. Passes will be issued to those whose names the museum has received. All names for passes must be submitted to the Curator one (1) week prior to the opening of the show. A limit of four passes per exhibitor applies.

Booth Locations & Services

  • When returning your application, please ensure that any requests for specific locations or services are CLEARLY spelled out. We will endeavor to fulfill any requirements/requests but cannot guarantee particular locations. Note exhibit locations are at the final discretion of the MVTM
  • Fibrefest 2018 is located at the Almonte Arena (ice slab, without the ice). The change of venue is due to keeping costs down so that the MVTM does not have to increase vendor rental costs as well as admission to the event.


  • Tables can be provided, only if indicated on your application. There will be no extra tables available at the time of the show. All requests for tables must be completed two months prior to the show. Late requests will not be filled.
  • The tables are approximately six feet long by three feet wide.
  • Chairs will be provided at a limit of two (2) per exhibitor.

Setup of Exhibits

  • Space will be approximately 10’ x 10’ for all exhibit and demonstration spaces.
  • Set up at all three locations will take place on Friday September 7 from 1 pm – 4 pm & Saturday September 8 from 7 am to 9:30 am.
  • All boxes and storage containers must be out of sight by opening time each day.
  • Tables must be properly draped so displays are presented in a professional manner.
  • Labour required for moving merchandise and all table materials for set-up and dismantling is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Dividers and backdrops will not be provided.

Use of Tape and Adhesives

  • Care must be utilized when using all buildings.
  • Fibrefest participants are not permitted to use nails, screws, tape or adhesives on the walls or posts.
  • Duct tape must be used to tape down electrical cords to the floor.

Electrical Outlets

  • Please notify us if you require electricity for your display. Requests will be handled on a first come/first served basis. You must provide your own extension cord, and it must be taped to the floor with DUCT tape. All tape must be removed at the end of the sale. A limited number of electrical outlets are available. To have access to the electrical outlets, you must notify us. You must bring your own extension cords.

Tear down of Exhibits

  • Tear down must not start before 4:00pm on Sunday September 9 and should be completed by 7:00 PM. Any items left behind will not be returned.

*Any failure to adhere to the regulations stated above may result in exclusion from further Fibrefest events.*

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