The Almonte Gazette – Online!

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is pleased to make The Almonte Gazette archive available online. This invaluable research resource has been provided to us from the Almonte Public Library who had previously imaged the town’s newspaper. During 2012 the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum digitized these images and created an archive of searchable content that has been made available online.

The Almonte Gazette has been an integral part of the town’s history and its contents can now be mined online for everything from council meetings to genealogical confirmation of births, deaths and marriages within the community and environs.

Searching tips:

  1. Use a narrow “Year Range” when searching, to minimize data required to be “held” in the website’s buffer – perhaps only 2 – 5 years (or less) is best, to avoid “time-outs”.
  2. Specify keywords  in the context of a single page. Keywords are indexed by eliminating words of 3 characters or less and truncating words longer than 16 characters.
  3. Type the desired word(s) and click on button “Perform Search” to find the relevant newspaper page(s).
  4. Click on a line in the “Search found” box.
  5. Click on a page image to view that single page. Note that these pdf files are large and may take several minutes to download on your computer. Your browser will require a plug-in to view the downloaded files. If you do not already have a PDF Viewer on your PC, you may have to download one (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, which is free.)
  6. For some browsers and operating systems, the downloading of the PDF file is a two-stage process: (1) Do the initial download to your PC’s memory per suggestion #5 above; then (2) Click on the download icon which appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This icon is a small grey box with a downward pointing arrow inside it (on a black field) and is in the upper right-hand-side of the screen, second from the right, in a group of 4 icons. If you do not do this 2-step process, then you will NOT see the highlighting of the desired word or phrase.
  7. Once this file is downloaded to your PC (or Mac), you then have the option of “Open” (to browse the file), or “Save” to save the image to your own computer.
  8. Zoom in to enlarge the text, to at least 200% with the “+” sign, to make viewing easier.
  9. Use either your on-screen “Find” box (if you have one), or press “CTRL-F” to bring this search box up; or “Command +F” if you are a Mac user. Enter the keyword – e.g. “Gilmour”, or whatever is the family name that you are searching for, and click “Search”.
  10. This will create a BLUE BOX around the general area in which the name appears, as well as a BLUE highlighting of the name itself, inside this larger box.

Happy searching!