Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

HistoricPlaqueEngThe Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM) is located in the annex of the former Rosamond Woolen Company in Almonte, Ontario. Constructed in 1867 this National Historic Site of Canada now features a blend of the old and new, all related to the history of the Mississippi Valley and the textile industry.

Exhibitions range from early mill history and period mill equipment to cottage industry and eclectic modern fibre art exhibitions. Our museum combines traditional static and working displays of textile equipment and processes with activities and events focusing on the region’s heritage, culture and role of the textile industry in the development of Canada.

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“Early settlers looked for waterfalls to power grist, saw, woollen and other mills and thereby establish prosperous villages. In downtown, visit a former grist mill transformed to craft beer brewery and restaurant, the Mill Street Brew Pub. Then venture into pretty mill towns such as Almonte and Manotick. In Almonte, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum preserves the spirit of the past, located in the 1840 Rosamond Woolen Mill. In Manotick, Watson’s Mill is an 1860s grist and flour mill located on the Rideau River.”

The museum was mentioned in this article written by Katharine Fletcher, published on the TravelThereNext website. You can read the full article here.