Dr. Seuss on the Loose in the Museum

drzeussCurriculum Links: Gr. 4 Social Studies

Essential Question: How does one thing lead to another?

Workshop Description:

Explores the concept of change through one of Dr. Seuss’s beloved cautionary tales. Students develop questions, determine changes, categorize them, and then build a giant billiard ball chart of the impact that the mills had on the people and town of Almonte.

Cartoons with Attitude

cartoonCurriculum Links: Gr. 6 Social Studies

Essential Question: How can a picture give an opinion?

Workshop Description:

Students use a political cartoon to understand the author’s message concerning First Nations’ peoples. Students will explore how the political cartoonist uses symbols and caricature to express an opinion. They are taken step-by-step through the drawing of a caricature and then try to draw their own caricature of Sir John A. Macdonald.

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