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The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is located in the annex of the former Rosamond Woolen Company in Almonte, Ontario. Constructed in 1867 this National Historic Site of Canada now features a blend of the old and new, all related to the history of the Mississippi Valley and the textile industry.

Exhibitions range from early mill history and period mill equipment to cottage industry and eclectic modern fibre art exhibitions. Our museum combines traditional static and working displays of textile equipment and processes with activities and events focusing on the region’s heritage, culture and role of the textile industry in the development of Canada.


The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum conserves the story of the Mississippi Valley and Canada’s industrial textile heritage through the presentation and interpretation and appreciation of this heritage and contemporary textile practices.


The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum will be known as a national centre for the collection, conservation, study and dissemination of artifacts and documentation related to the Mississippi Valley and Canada’s industrial textile heritage. At the same time, MVTM will be a leader in the development and delivery of innovative exhibitions and programming about historical and contemporary textile practices—locally, within Canada and internationally.


Integrity: Integrity embodies the authentic, ethical and equitable. It establishes MVTM’s ethical behaviour and practices. Integrity provides a context for the conservation of the building and artifacts and sound and equitable interpretation and research practices.

Responsibility: MVTM demonstrates control over its operations. Board, staff and volunteers of the MVTM need to be realistic in their plans and cognizant of their responsibilities. This will show stewardship, planning, foresight, accountability and ownership.

Innovation: Innovation is the courage and willingness to take opportunities to try new things that may provide for a rewarding outcome. Innovation provides the opportunity to construct new interpretations of the role and importance of the MVTM.

Excellence: Excellence can be defined as the state of a superior standard or condition of excelling. MVTM is a leader in its programming and administration. Excellence provides inspiration for our Board, staff, visitors, volunteers and funders.

Pride: Pride is the feeling of satisfaction in our achievements. Pride demonstrates our belief in our mission, mandate and vision, as well as in the work that we do.

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