Open Tuesday to Saturday

Rewind: Topologies of Time

Noelle Hamlyn and Jenny McMaster

Exhibition runs from October 10 to December 16, 2017

Vernissage: Saturday October 14 from 2 pm to 4 pm 

A unique exploration into the history of our local area’s woolen mills by two outstanding artists.

Using salt crystallization, Noelle Hamlyn (Mississauga, ON) showcases machinery frozen in time. Representing the long hours invested in repetitive industrial work, these crystallized creations evoke the sweat, labour, and tears of the workers, together with the loss of the industry. The exhibit also hints at the political importance of cloth and the social roles of women and children 150 years ago. Noelle will present a performance during the exhibit.

Jenny McMaster (Gatineau, QC) uses maps as a tool for her performance art. Historic maps of Almonte from the Museum’s permanent collection inspired the works of fibre art created for this exhibit. They ranged from municipal insurance maps from 150 years ago to blueprints showing the redirected water forced through the turbines of the local mills. Jenny will also perform during the exhibition.

Artist, Jenny McMaster with her interactive piece, “Hands of the Mill”, handmade cotton paper & embroidery. The piece will include all the names, over all the years, of the millworkers at the Rosamond Mill. Here, Jenny gets some help stitching the names. Visit the museum and see this piece & the rest of our astonishing “Rewind” exhibition!

The artists would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for its support.

The Museum would like to thank the Mississippi River Power Corporation (visit their website at this link) for sponsoring this exhibition space.