Open Tuesday to Saturday

What Can We Learn from Antique Textiles?

Presented by Tom Knisely of Wabi Sabi

Mr. Knisely has been collecting textiles of one sort or another for more than five decades. Mr. Knisely tries to be observant and look past the, “Oh isn’t that pretty”. What do the textiles have to tell me? Sometimes it’s like being Dr. Doolittle. Mr. Knisely walks with the coverlets, talks to the coverlets, and listens to what they have to say and tell him.

This lecture is going to be very hands-on in its nature and he is very happy to tell you that you will have the opportunity to see and handle numerous antique coverlets, blankets, linens and other textiles from his collection.

Mr. Knisely want to show you what he sees and teach you how to be a textile detective. We will talk about fiber content, dyes, twist in the thread and analyze the weave structure.

He invites you to bring a piece from home that you might want to know more about and share with the group. It will be a lot of fun and somewhat like being on the Textile Roadshow.

Wabi Sabi of Ottawa is sponsoring the event. Monday June 6th, starting at 1:30. Mr. Knisely’s latest book will be on sale at the lecture.